by Beyond The Aftermath

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Billy Miller - Vocals
Tyler Leal - Vocals
Lucas Shackelford - Drums
Sean Larar - Guitar
Zak Beard - Guitar
Michael Peznola - Bass

Produced by: Beyond The Aftermath

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Sean Larar

All rights reserved by: Beyond The Aftermath

released 20 April 2014
Artwork by: Lucas Shackelford

Lyrics by: Lucas Shackelford


I've been spending my days
inside my own psychosis
For fucking sakes my dues have been paid
and yet i sit here bleeding
every time i open my eyes
i count the masks i see
cold blank dead eyes
staring back at me
i am the one who sings the song of end of days
doomsayer fiction prayer
doesn't mater what you say
i cringe every time that you open your mouth
you'll be buried alive
by all the shit that falls out
i never wanted to end up like this
working so hard to fulfill my deathwish
if there was sanity left in my head
id pull the trigger and conjoin with the dead
my life ive rendered in silence
my life ive rendered in silence
my life ive rendered in silence
my life ive rendered in silence
with every breathe you have left
beg for death
you don't belong here
i told you to stay away
you don't belong here
it shouldn't have ended this way
i always knew that i was the one
that would be standing at the end with my hand on the gun
because if nothing can be saved then you're nothing to me
ill put a bullet through your head and watch you bleed


released April 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Beyond The Aftermath Virginia


540 Down-tempo

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