by Beyond The Aftermath

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Billy Miller - Vocals
Lucas Shackelford - Drums
Sean Larar - Guitar
Zak Beard - Guitar
Michael Peznola - Bass

Produced by: Beyond The Aftermath

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Sean Larar

All rights reserved by: Beyond The Aftermath


released December 11, 2013

Artwork by: Bryan Nieves

Lyrics by: Lucas Shackelford

"2-57" originally "322" partial lyrics J.Struggles



all rights reserved


Beyond The Aftermath Virginia


540 Down-tempo

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Track Name: Wake
sing tonight for the newly deceased
all dressed in black all here to preach
even the tree wilted on that day
for the lives i took and washed away
Track Name: 2-57
keep running your mouth
like i know youre scared
you know im here inside your head
i am the devil inside you
keep your fucking mouth shut
stay away
stay away
wake up this is not a dream
its just a fantasy you live in
wake up this is not alright
theres much to do before you take your life
why cant you see that this is not choice
just another victim of this fucking voice
my actions are filled with my fucking regret
this is something you will not forget
ill fucking break you
i will fucking break you
you fucking bitch
i will fucking break you
you fucking bitch
Track Name: Scarlot Harlot
No breathing
your worthless heart
Ceased beating
No you're not dead
but ill make you wish you were
here in my head
its me against the world
no its not a crime
its fucking justified
the world will sing songs
about the day you died
you should have seen this coming
forty fucking miles away
Track Name: No Honor Among Thieves
They call me destroyer
lifes a battlefield and youre on the ground
you talk shit
you get hit
youre just a bitch with no reason to be proud
we are everything that you wanted to be
watch your language when youre talking to me
youre fucking fake
you talk big shit for someone so fucking small
you'd say it to my face if you had any balls
youre the kind of person to go and lie to all your friends
we all know that you have fucked up means to fucked up ends
im tired of all your bullshit hope you die i hope you rot
good luck on starting another band while i climb to the top
im a fucking warhound youre a stupid fucking kid
quit denying all the shit we know you fucking did
you turn your back on others
the second they are not around
youre lucky someone hasn't just driven youre face into the ground
if it were up to me id rather see you drown
youre a self entitled prick
youre existence makes me sick
and if you were to die today
no one would turn the either way
youre a self entitled prick
youre existence makes me sick
youre a self entitled prick
youre existence makes me sick
i would rather see you drown
Track Name: Guilty Thorn
descend to the deepest depths that you can reach
and tell me if you bring back anything you think is real
i never thought that id survive
but in the end i cant agree to this deal
by visions blurred and my mind is weak
but i can make it out on my feet
id say an injury's becoming of me
plus you know i like to see you bleed
your dreams are dead the final phase is complete
dont come to me with fear cause i eat the weak
your final resting place is six feet beneath
i have never seen anything like this
so hellbent on a deathwish
bones cracked from the pressure of the weight of the world
broken beaten bloodied corpses decorate this forest
too many to bury and too many to burn
so here i am back again a guilty thorn in my skin
a battle with myself that i cannot win
im seeing things that i cannot believe
but here I am fucking accepting defeat
ill fight till i collapse
this weight upon my shoulders will never fucking pass
i will stand my ground never back down
on my fucking deathbed never to found